Sunday, June 27, 2010

Copy cat baby

Saturday, June 19, 2010

May 19 - Discovering Cheerios

See my new teeth?

I have 4 of them now.

I get to eat food like carrots, and beans.

What is this?
I have not seen this before.
It looks fun!


These are so yummy!
Can I have more?
Can I have more?


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May 19 - And There She Kept Her Very Well

Kendra was trying to sort and fold LaRue's clothes into her drawers.

LaRue was trying to unsort her clothes and found it funny.

I looked around the corner to see this.

She must have just eaten - she had green beans all over her face.

She sat inside there giggling for about 15 minutes.
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May 18 - Visiting the Children's Hospital

When LaRue goes to the Children's Hospital

for our Post Accident Check ups

She gets this REALLY COOL WAGON.

She gets to ride in style ALL DAY

She really loves it.

But it was early.
She was hungry.
And it had been a long trip.

I've looked and looked,
but I can't find her stats

how much she weighed or her height.

I think she was 16lb 11 oz.
and maybe 28 inches? give or take a quarter inch or so.
I really should have written it down.
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May 17 - Anthony

The thing about reading a good book?

Kids want to copy it - live it - relive it - and make it their own.

I think this was Robin Hood.

Or 3 Musketeers.

No - Kendra says, "That day, It was Peter Pan"

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May 19 - Our Garden

6 Tomato Plants of various varieties

Several Pepper Plants

Zucchini Squash - with 1 oops Jalopinio Pepper

Not pictured are our 2 Cucumber plants.
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May 16 - LaRue and Jess - 7 Months

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May 16 - LaRue 7 Months Pictures

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May 15 - LaRue chats with Paul

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Love is. . . Helping sister knit


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