Sunday, December 30, 2012

Party time

Party Time

discovered a COOL feature on my new cell phone ... it does mosaic pictures!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

December Pictures - Doing Christmas Cards

Vannan found a set of leaves that she thought looked like
they belonged in a Star Trek movie... what do you think?

My little gypsy

Really brings out the blue in her eyes.

The cover for Kendra's new book,
"Do You Take This Quest?"

It is nearly ready for release - going through her editors.
Mostly, we did Christmas cards.

We are STILL doing cards,
and I promised myself we would have them done
before Dec. 8.

Running a LOT late!

Over half are out - but still so many to go.
One set got sat to the side - and missed.
Addressing with her calligraphy pens.
Drawing pictures
and doing stampers.
Writing names and checking who is left to sign.
Getting to use the glitter pens!
We made gingerbread houses with Jr. Church
and then with all the cousins.
Vannan made skirts.
Joel finished the last of his school work
A gift from Vannan
Some of Joel's art work
Baby in the manger, Mary and Joseph, and a black sheep.
LaRue's art work
Santa going down the chimney,
Joel is feeding Rudolf
Mary sees an angel
Wisemen following a star
Dreaming about Santa
Joel says, I love my blanket.
A tree ... of course
Rue helping with the cassettes project
Her birthday shoes.
She LOVES them!!!
Picking out the cassettes she wants me to copy next.

These pictures were sent with Picasa, from Google. Try it out here:

Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Katie and Bethie

The cake
The card that Joel made.... can you guess B's favorite animal?

Piling on couches to open presents.
She's been begging Vannan for that game for years -
and now it is hers!
B is always cold,
she loved her new shawl.
She loved her new hat too.

She LOVED her new Bible
Card wasn't THAT funny Kendra.
Snuggling Paul

Love the smoke from the candles.

Aunt K cuts HUGE servings of cake.
Since she was given spoon and fork,
she used one in each hand.

Playing after the party.
The whole front yard looked like this.
Saying Goodbye to guests.
More playing in the driveway.


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