Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clay play

Painting greek pottery

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Easter Babies 2010


Lathan and his Mommy Cassandra

Ruth's Miya
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Easter 2010

Our Boys
Funny, but I thought there were more....?

Our girls.

Rhoda's bunch.

Alex 5 - Anthony 7 (days from his birthday) - Valarie 1 - Avery 4
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Easter 2010

Vannan made her dress and LaRue's dress ... and their purses.
Aunt Cindy made most of Kendra and Joel's.

Vannan also made Marriana and Melinda matching dresses.
We ran out of material in the middle of Kendra's dress.
Aunt Cindy saved the day by finding a material that matched pretty close (but smaller and darker print) to our original.
Anthony, Alex, and Avery just happened to match perfectly.
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Harlequin Rabbits for Sale

This is our only female.

There are 6 total.
5 male at $15 each
1 female at $20

They are so tame.

Unfortunately, if they are not sold, they will have to go in the freezer
as we cannot afford to feed and house that many male bunnies.

Pray we find buyers soon - because she has 9 more opening their eyes!
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Grandma's Sandpile

On April 16, I went to Tim's house and ventured to sort out all the clothes that I had loaned out and had been returned.
To find out how much I had and in what sizes.
What is missing?

Tim's mom has been storing all of our outgrown clothing for years for us.

Recently, they got this huge pile of sand.

Karen came over and together we tackled our project.
And the kids tackled the sand.

They took off their shoes to keep the sand out ...
but then were stuck because the grass had stickers.

Bethie kept Freckles there most of the afternoon.
I told her to smile.
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Joel and LaRue

Can I take a picture with you?

I have tasty toes for snacks ... want some?

Someday she will be as big as you are Joel.

He laughed.
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Joel's Worksheet

We are finally getting back into the swing of school.

Joel has really struggled to get his letters into the right proportions on the lines.

I tried calling it a road - sorta worked.
Then his pencil became a race car.

I tried calling the lines a house.
But he's never been in a house with a basement and second story.
So no reference.

Then we started to call the lines a "bunk bed".
The little letters have to stay on the bottom bunk.
That's a rule.
Only tall little letters can poke their heads above the top bunk.
Some little letters like to dangle their legs over the side.
The Big letters sit on the top bunk and dangle their legs down to the bottom bunk.

I think he understood!
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Playing peek a boo with mom skirt

LaRue and the "6 Month Dress"

A dress with a history
a LONG history
all the way back to ... ME.

Momma bought it and put it on me for my 6 month pictures.
Then she repeated it for Rebekah, Ruth, and Rhoda.

And she put it away.

Until Rebekah had Karen and inquired to it's location.

Now it has been through
Karen, Kendra, Sarah, Vannan, Michelle, Mary, Shianne, Hannah, Valarie, Miya and LaRue!
Marriana got missed somehow.


Wonder how many more will wear it?

Well, LaRue is the 23rd Grandchild.
Melinda is #24.
#25 and 26 will arrive in 2010.

Hey, I've seen you before!
Why do you only show up when they take these pictures?
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Love is .... Silly Faces with your Best Friend

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Puzzle Time in Kindergarten



her board is magnetized

She kind of belongs to Rhoda
as Rhoda "adopted" her mom years ago
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