Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jan 13 - Jan 21

Joel got a tie for Christmas ...
here he is all dressed up.

In Jr. Church, we started a new series.
Alphabet Bible Concepts

Our first week,
we made Angels and learned all about them.

Then we went and visited Mamaw and Papaw.
Where Papaw immediately put Joel's present on his head ...
just like everyone else on our side of the family did.

Tim's side of the family didn't do this ... so it must be hereditary.
You can see most of Mamaw's side of the room.
She wasn't having a very good day.

Joel loves to make videos with his "new" cell phone,
and then he watches them with Rue.

This is how I find them more nights than not.
Snuggled up listening to music,
watching videos,
or reading books.

Can you see Joel has his arm around Rue?
You can see his hand on her shoulder.
Rue loves being upstairs with HER Auntie V.
On this day,
they made cookies.

Sifting flour is FUN
Yes, she has a band aide on her eye.
Actually, the scrape was on her eyelid - and you can see it there in the picture.
But she wanted a band aide on it.
So we put oils on the band aide (mostly lavender),
and put that beside her eye.

She fell over while playing in a box and his her eye on the bottom of a chair.

Rue also "helped" make bread.
Warm temps in January.
Rue helping Joel make his own rubber band gun.
He loves it.
But needs more rubber bands!
It took her almost 45 minutes ... but she did get the whole puzzle put together!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Jan 10 - Jan 12 = Christmas with Karen and Steve and Family

36 pictures for you

An umbrella for all of the rain.
We had to start using ONLY the back door.
But the rain made the treck all around the house,
super muddy.
So our first "nice" day,
we spent 4 - 5 hours putting in bricks -
these are Dad's fancy bricks,
but they were all we had for the job.
We used our yellow wagon to help haul a few bricks at a time.
These were heavy!

The bricks are spaced at a comfortable stepping stone distance.
But Rue has to really stretch on most of the steps.

Joel just lays there like that while Rue jumps and climbs all over him.

Christmas with Karen and Steve's family.
They brought an extra special breakfast.
Rue showed them her new Innotab2.

A few weeks later,
we removed her booster chair from the table.

We discovered that when she bounced or plopped,
the strain would crack the table.

It is suppose to hold her up to 35 lbs,
and she was only 32.


Nobody knew why Kendra was under the table.
But that is where she was when we found her.

Matthew got the Red phone.


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