Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Set 5

Grub 2, Miya, Marriana

Remember yesterday ...
I told you to notice the bare feet?

Well, I didn't until I took this picture.

And then I sent Vannan for the shoes and socks.

she discovered that bare feet were awesome for climbing.

Oh - this is one of her birthday outfits.
Aunt Cindy made it for her.

She sees Vannan coming with the shoes!

She is running away!

Totally NOT happy with getting caught.

Miya didn't want her picture taken.

What fun they all had playing together!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Set 4

Our Triplets 

Matt (Right) was born late April
Joel (center) was born 6 weeks later in June.
Av (left) was born 6 weeks after that in July.

Ironically - Av has a cousin who is 6 weeks younger than he is 
and he shares a first initial "J" and a middle name with Joel.

More chatting.

Notice the feet?

I'll get back to those tomorrow.

Papaw telling a tale.

Then as people were leaving,
and the few of us who stayed behind ....

looked through the Black Friday ads.

Kids came in to play games.

And these 2 little ones were hiding under the table painting their toes and fingers.

Say cheese

On Sunday, LaRue was helping hand out gifts to everyone.

She was so cute that Steve wanted a picture of her ... smiling, of course.

He kept saying "Say cheese, Ruezy!"

And Rue would calmly (with hands full of a package) sign "cheese, please" back to him.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Set 3

Back inside - We had a small Birthday Party.

We sang Happy Anniversary to Mamaw and Papaw.
Happy Birthday to Thomas.

And Happy Birthday to Katie (14 that day!)
and Bethie (9 a few days before).

Bethie had been BEGGING for her party.
So she was delighted.

Aunt Cindy had sent some crafts last year ...
which I misplaced...

But they showed up just in time for this year.

And were a huge Hit.

Meanwhile some of the middlers had a picnic behind the trees.

Until the grownups made them leave ...
in case they knocked over the trees.

We had games for the kids to play.

Chatted ... and chatted ... and chatted...

except for those play Sudoku.

That is my Kindle - my birthday present.
Has to rank up there in my top 10 best presents ever -

But not as high as my 4 kids.

Ironically -
Kendra was born 7 days early for my Valentine gift ...
Vannan was born on my 7th Anniversary ..
Joel was born 7 days AFTER my birthday - 6 years ago.
And finally - LaRue ....
Well, LaRue was born in October.

And as we are really not into Halloween
I'm not sure ...

But she is definitely a wonderful
Gift from God.

And Tim.
Can't forget the Daddy - right?

And it is such a joy to watch them growing into
loving and helpful Christians.

All 3 of the older ones have given their lives to God
and accepted the free gift of Salvation.

So that makes my top 7 Gifts right there!


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