Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Tim turned out fine ... though the tests were mostly only on his heart.

They did blood tests, but many other possibilities for the severe pain were ignored because they did not involve his heart.

The hot water tank was fixed thanks to Jay and Steve.

We brought Vannan home after talking to the sheriff.   She's been gone so long that her body revolted with the cats around and her asthma.   We bought her an air purifier ... and she is doing much better now.   She almost never leaves the house still.

We had a major leak under the bathroom sink.

Steve helped fix that as well ... along with the leak in the toilet flapper.

We went to the Windridge Open house ... where Tim did the silent auction and managed to win a night in a hotel for two.   And a steam cleaner.

Overall, things are pretty good.

Keep us in your prayers.  

Vannan is seeking an online college that does not cost an arm and a leg.   She wants to go into some field with special needs children, perhaps the program at Windridge.   She is volunteering again - but has to start at the very bottom and work her way up again.   Unfortunately, she is not as strong as she was before.  

She would LOVE to work at a ranch over the summer - especially if she could go north.   She has visions of grandure, and she would like to know if her body could handle it if she pursued a career with horses involved.

Meanwhile, Kendra is searching for an online degree in Marketing, which again doesn't cost her future.   She has started her own business helping young Indie authors meet up with people who can help them, and offering services to build up a joint readership among the group.

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