Friday, June 17, 2016

You are Invited to Kendra and Vannan's Graduation

Just Realized this failed to publish .... so while the event has already happened ....
I thought you might like to see what we did and a bit about their graduation.

Our church will be having a Potluck dinner after morning church on May
22 to celebrate all of the kids graduating in our church this year.

Two of those will be Kendra and Vannan.

Since they are the only 2 home schooled, the church has generously
offered to let them have a little graduation ceremony to receive their
diplomas after the meal.

You are invited to attend, both the meal and the graduation. May 22
after the morning service. The meal will probably start around 12:30
(no - you don't have to bring anything as you are not a church member),
and I don't know what time we get get to the awards part, but it will
most likely be after the 1:00 hour.

Kendra is graduating with 39 credits and a 3.3 GPA. She has 7
published books with quite a dedicated fan club and many glowing reviews
on Amazon and Goodreads. She hosts a fairly popular blog, and at least
2 other blogs, along with editing books for other indi-authors. She
works part time at McDonalds. She has a DoTerra business. She also has
her own registered business called "Giraffe Crafts". She is considering
a degree in English, but will be taking some online courses this year in
History, Literature, Accounting, and Bible. She hopes somebody will
teach her (and Vannan) how to drive - to give her more freedom for
school and work. (She is fully insured).

Vannan is graduating with 34 credits and a 3.4 GPA. She volunteers at
Windridge (horse therapy for special needs kids). She plans to do their
education courses there to learn to be a therapy provider. She is
considering Christian Therapy and Counseling specializing in special
needs children as she pursues her future. She is currently planning to
take a variety of courses via the internet to help solidify areas she
feels she needs to pursue before putting out money for courses. She
also spends time practicing violin, piano, and singing. She has
discovered a talent for art, and participates on a website for young
artists. She also hosts 2 blogs and dabbles in writing songs and
stories. She is currently researching the topic of "Secular and
Christian Strong Women".

PS. I am aware that many of you live too far away, or have very busy
schedules and will not be able to attend. We thought you would like to
know of this milestone in the girls lives. Hugs to you all!

PSS.  Pictures ... someday!

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